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Safety Engineers

Safety / MEP / IT - Enginers

The three main outlook of building design and construction. These perspectives are often decided and designed by the engineering firm. MEP design is fatal for design decision , making accurate documentation, performance and cost estimation, construction planning, managing and operating the resulting facility.

Mechanical engineers often design and oversee the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing and rain gutter systems. Plumbing designers often include design specifications for simple active fire protection system, but for more complicated projects, fire protection engineers are often separately retained. Electrical engineers are responsible for the buildings power, distribution, telecommunication, fire alarm, signalization. Lighting protection and control systems as well as lighting systems.Organizations have a significant investment in the building mechanical equipment used to operate their facilities. It is the responsibility of the property management professional to ensure that the MEP is accounted for and properly maintained.

Preventive maintenance programs are at the core of any efficient and well run facility. It is no secret that the ability to manage maintenance on a schedule rather than on a reactive or corrective basis will save the organization both time and money as well as increases the life span of its assets.