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Welcome To KSSC Engineers & Projects Pvt Ltd

For more than three decades the KSSC Engineers & Projects Pvt Ltd. has brought safety, quality and productivity to the heavy building construction industry. The founder of KSSC Engibeers & Projects Pvt Ltd, Mr S.D Sivaraman has an experience of more than 50 years in the construction field. KSSC Engibeers & Projects Pvt Ltd is still a family owned and operated business , now being co-managed by Mr. Sajeev Sivaram S, the second generation of the family.

KSSC Engibeers & Projects Pvt Ltd has enjoyed a constant growth since it started operation in Calicut. This road to success has been built with ingenuity , workmanship and competitive pricing. The key factors in the growth and stability of the business are its experienced , aggressive management . This team has grown up in the industry and applies a cost effective and timely approach to the completion of each project.

A business is only as good as its people and this is especially true in the construction industry. Our project management and Engineering team has diversified KSSC Engibeers & Projects Pvt Ltd to constructing a wide range of infrastructure and environmental projects. This includes Multi storied buildings , Resorts , Houses and Hospitals and a variety of building construction projects.

Talking about the founder , Mr. S D Sivaraman , an outstanding visionary , has not only provided excellent leadership and exemplary professionalism to each and every construction project that KSSC Engibeers & Projects Pvt Ltd executed , but has also built a team of committed professionals including engineers, managers and executives. KSSC Engibeers & Projects Pvt Ltd's presence in the Malabar construction landscape is now well established Mr. S D Sivaraman continuously inspires the entire team to maintain its leadership position in the construction business to the continued growth of KSSC Engibeers & Projects Pvt Ltd for its employees and customers.

The KSSC Engibeers & Projects Pvt Ltd is geared to handle fast track complex projects . Over the years the skills and management base of the company has grown and developed and our team of staff and managers has an enthusiasm, competence and commitment unequaled in the industry.

Our group of energetic and efficient project managers has one primary goal - The desire to achieve success be following the policies of the corporation and by performing quality work in the safest , most economical manner.


We are committed to ensure projects with specialization in top class material quality, amenities and economical excellence, with an outstanding constructional brilliance, empowered with technology and an overwhelming ambience. Our fully qualified in house teams are capable of building, installing, amending, altering and maintaining building systems.


Our vision is to remain unique in our style
and perception with both technical quality and
flawless design, to make your living destination promising for future. Our capabilities are built around providing feasible and economically viable designs, according to the customers budget and requirements.

Our Main Highlights

As a diverse and innovative builder,we excel at solving the industry’s toughest challenges.

Kssc Engineers and Projects Pvt Ltd is still a family owned and operated business, now being co-managed by Mr.Sajeev Sivaraman the second generation of the family.


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This reputed construction company was a precious gift from Mr S D Sivaraman our godfather, which is the lasting imprint left by him after his departure.


Durability of buildings are one of our speciality. We construct our buildings with proper design and accurate components. So we assures the buildings, withour unforseen cost for maintanence and repair.


We always promises cost effective construction to our clients, through effective utilisation of locally available building materials along with improved skills and technologies without compromising the quality and safety.